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Taking Drone Imagery To New Hieghts

Drone Video Florida & The Rest Of The Country.

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State of the Art Tech


Our equipment is the best integration of Drone Technology, 4K Photography and 4K Digital Videography.


With our team of Pilots, Editors and Internet Marketing Specialist, we can take your shot, your vision and integrate it all into a unique visual marketing plan. 

What Makes Us Different:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Successful Marketing Background

  • Licensed & Insured



   Energy  |  Golf Courses    Weddings  |  Cell Tower Inspection  |  Agriculture   

Infra-Red  |  Inspections    Construction  |  Marketing

Inhance Your Business Or Moments With
Aerial Media Consultants
4 K Drone

What does that Include?


We Include:

-4K Digital Cameras

-The Latest Drone Aircraft

-Pre-& Post Production Editing

-Music or Audio Overlay/Editing

-Conversion to Disc or USB

-72 Hour Turnaround After Shooting & Editing

-Ongoing Consultation and Collaboration with your current Marketing Program 


 “A New Company with

A New Vision, Utilizing New Technology.”  


 - Joe Cain | CEO


2 Corinthians 9:8

Aerial Media Consultants

We help you skip the intimidating, time-consuming, and costly process of drone implementation; instead, we simply give you what you want: Amazing aerial footage and valuable information.



We bring you the best coverage with Aerial Media Consultants. We focus on: Agricultural 3-D Mapping, Power Lines Inspection, Fire, Wind Farm Inspections, Solar,  Bridge Inspections, Construction Site Work & Survey Drone Services,Golf Courses.  

Drones are part of the advanced technology and we are all benefiting from them. Drones are used in a multitude of industries.


We provide clients with turnkey robotic solutions for the most dynamic storytelling available. Aerial Media Consultants offers the highest quality imagery and professionalism that you can depend on.


At the end of the day, the most important factor in realizing your creative vision is the skill of the team behind the technology, which is why our roster includes some of the most experienced pilots and camera specialists in the industry.


Our background in fixed wing and helicopter operations coupled with our partners provide us with advanced data acquisition, modeling technology and methods. Our strategic partnerships and industry relationships provide us with the flexibility to create tailored solutions not available elsewhere for the same cost.  

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