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We can help construction firms track progress and assets.  


Aerial Media Consultants is capable of flying to areas on a construction site to inspect joints and welds, otherwise not visible or accessible.

Here are some additional ways drones can be used in construction:

  • Drones can help speed the process of surveying the location.

  • If you want to show your client the building progress, Drones are an asset to record images and videos.

  • Aids in building a better safety system for your company. We will help spot that unsafe pillar, excavations that are not deep enough, workers taking too many risks on the job-site. Over time, using drones on a job site will help you improve your safety program.

  • Keep your project On-Budget, On-Time. Our drone pilots will help you identify areas where parts of a project may go off track adding to the cost and time to complete your project.

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