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Inspections are critical to all industries like solar, wind, oil and gas, who rely on inspections to maintain safety standards to effectively power the world, but those inspections can take large amounts of time and money to carry out. With drones flying overhead utility sites, damage sectors Energy industry on everything from wind turbines to solar panels can quickly be identified, preventing potential problems before they grow. With information collected by a drone, abnormalities and damage can be quickly pinpointed, progress can be monitored, and everything from orthomosaics, to elevation data, and 3D maps can be created. Contact Us now for your consultation. 863.513.5948

Line Inspections

Line Inspection

We offer lines inspections to make sure all of your poles, wires, and hardware are fully assessed and set up for repair. 

At Aerial Media Consultants we offer our services to both federal and private projects. Our equipment is the best integration of Drone Technology, 4K Photography and 4K Digital Videography. With our team of Pilots, Editors, Designers, Creative Management and Internet Marketing Specialist, we will fulfill the needs of your project.

Insulator Flashover3
High Res ID
More Corrosion
Corrosion (All 805 E)
Insulator Flashover2
Cracked Lug
Clogged Weep Hole
Broken Jumper2
Cracked Pole Top 5
Washer & Bolt Examination
Broken Jumber 4
Insulator Flashover 6
Bell Inspection
Insulator Flashover5
Cracked Pole Top
Insulator Flashover
Hardware ID
Cracked Pole Top 2
Broker Jumper
Oil & Gas Pipelines

There is no better way to understand the above ground risk than to have an eye in the sky.

  • Oil and Gas assets are exposed to unique risks.

  • Our solutions mitigate a variety of risks in real time.

  • Our aerial surveillance and monitoring technologies provide the direct line of sight necessary to identifying, managing and solving potentially critical situations.

Oil & Gas Pipelines
Well Head Inspection

Our inspection services provide our customers with a more thorough, faster and safer option. We can work with you to develop a solution that works for your industry.

  • Our solutions effectively ‘scale down’ the project to a manageable size. This enables oil and gas managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire data set.

  • Our modern approach provides the answer to problems which were unattainable or too costly to justify using traditional aviation or surveying methods.


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Well Head Inspection

Solar & Wind

Giving You A Birds Eye View

When it comes to drone inspections in the wind energy sector, the market is driven by the large amount of blades that need to be regularly monitored for deterioration and damage. According to a report by Navigant Research, by the beginning of last year there were nearly 270,000 individual wind turbines operating around the world.


The lifespan of solar panels depends on regular and efficient maintenance, and because solar farms run over expansive areas of land, inspections can take large amounts of time and money. With a drone survey, inspections costs can be cut in half so companies can increase their efficiencies and better stay on top of operation maintenance.

Wind And Solar

Wind Farm


Giving you the very best inspection services.

At Aerial Media Consultants we want to support the use of renewable energy by offering professional and accurate Wind Farm inspections.

Please call us today with any inquiries. We off federal and private contracts for service. 863.513.5948

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