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Cell Tower Inspection

Aerial Media Consultants uses a UAV or “Drones” to inspect cell phone towers. We can provide geospatial maps and video of cellular towers to help comply with inspection requirements. Cell towers need to be inspected on a regular basis to avoid expensive repairs and possible fees.  


With Aerial Media Consultants, you can see any angle of the cell tower helping you safely ascertain if anything is wrong with your cell tower infrastructure and or Cell Tower UAV LIDAR Inspection.

Aerial Media Consultants can record and provide live video transmission of your cell tower inspection in high definition video so you can see the cell tower in up close detail from the ground or from your desktop anywhere in the world.

We can inspect any cell tower and provide the following services:

  • Cell Tower Geospatial data

  • Azimuth of each cell antenna

  • Frequency output readings for each cell antenna

  • Antenna radiation power density measurements for each cell antenna

  • Radiation safety level tests

  • RF “Electrosmog” detection

  • And more

Your cell tower inspection data can be stored and compared with each cell tower inspection, allowing for maintenance scheduling and annual budgeting, saving you time and money.


Aerial Media Consultants can help with the evolution of drone cell tower inspection technology by creating an efficient and accurate way to commission and troubleshoot cell tower systems.


Please contact us with any questions: 863.513.5948

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